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    Selling your company can be a wise and lucrative business decision, however, mergers and acquisitions are always complicated endeavors for Texas companies. With the right legal advice and strategy, you can ensure a sale goes through with fewer complications and maximized profits. The following are some tips for selling your business and to discuss your […]

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    As technology has led to new methods of large-scale information and identity theft, protecting consumer data has become a primary concern for businesses large and small. Privacy laws are continually being amended and updated to increase a company‚Äôs legal duty of care when it comes to handling, storing, and protecting sensitive customer information. This includes […]

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    Government regulations affect businesses of all types and sizes. Complying with federal, state, county, city, and local regulations can intimidate even the most experienced business owners. Operating without the proper permits can expose a business to administrative penalties (such as suspension of a business license), fines, and even criminal penalties. Trust the experience of a […]

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    Business contracts can be complicated, and they can be challenged, disputed, misinterpreted, and deconstructed in many ways. These disputes waste significant amounts of time and money. More importantly, they jeopardize the legal interests and financial health of the businesses involved. An experienced Texas business attorney, however, can draft your contracts to minimize disputes and protect […]

  • Business Lawyers in Houston

    A Texas corporation must file a lot of paperwork to stay in compliance and enjoy the legal protections of corporate status. Even after a business entity has been properly formed, ongoing annual reports and other documents must be filed with the Secretary of State. Failure to do so can waste time and money that could […]