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Drafting a Management Rights Letter

At the Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC, we have a proven track record of drafting effective documents for both companies that seek to enhance investor relations and for investors who seek to gain more access to a company than their current ownership interest permits. You can take steps, such as draft… Continued

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Do You Need a Lawyer to Dissolve Your Business?

If you are a Houston area business owner seeking to dissolve your business, you may have wondered whether you need the assistance of a lawyer to do so. Given that most businesses are subject to both state and federal regulations, it is important that you follow the advice of a… Continued

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What Is a Non-Profit Organization 501(c)3?

If you are starting an organization in Houston, you may have heard about a “non-profit organization 501(c)3.” A 501(c)3 gets its name from the provision of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. The rule requires that an organization meet certain requirements to qualify for 501(c)3 non-profit status. If… Continued

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How to Establish a Corporate Veil

If you begin doing business, the law does not require you to register your company with the Texas Secretary of State. If you do not file any documents, you will operate as a sole proprietorship or and general partnership. While operating in this manner seems easy for tax purposes and… Continued

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What to Do if You Suspect a Breach of Contract

The basis of almost every business deal is a contract. As a business owner, you always want to ensure you have properly drafted contracts that fully protect your rights. While a contract should clearly dictate the obligations of each party, many parties may still fail to fulfill their end of… Continued

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You Founded a Company—Is Your Removal Legal?

As the founder of a company, you likely believe you will remain in charge for years to come until you are ready to retire or otherwise move on. The founder had the idea behind the enterprise and worked to build it from the ground up, so they should continue to… Continued

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