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  • Business Lawyer Houston

    Contracts are an integral part of many businesses. Contracts allow business owners, service providers, vendors, consumers, and other parties to work together while protecting their own rights and interests. An experienced attorney should specifically tailor each contract to the situation and agreement at hand, and you should review your contracts with an experienced business lawyer […]

  • Business Lawyers Texas

    If you hire employees for your business, there are a number of federal and Texas laws with which you must comply. These laws involve wages, overtime, anti-discrimination, taxes, and more. One important issue that you will face is deciding how and when you will give your employees time off work. The following are some laws […]

  • Houston Business Attorney

    In business, there are many situations in which you may benefit from sharing confidential information with another party on a conditional basis. For example, many businesses that operate in the Houston area and throughout the state of Texas operate using proprietary information that provides them with an advantage in the marketplace. Information that can result […]

  • Business Lawyer in TX

    It is almost inevitable that business owners will encounter disputes with their partners. When that happens, many different methods can resolve a dispute while protecting each partner’s legal interests. When done carefully and properly, dispute resolution can protect each partner’s legal interests without hurting the daily operations of the business. Business disputes can be expensive […]