Many businesses contract with other companies in order to provide and secure certain goods and services. As is the case with any type of business dealing, business-to-business (B2B) transactions sometimes go unpaid or unfulfilled. When this occurs, one business generally will have a debt to the other business that is often legally enforceable.

Collecting business debts can be a complicated area, and many business owners are reluctant to engage in the types of collection activities that are most likely to obtain results. As a result, it is important for anyone who is attempting to collect on business debts to consult with a Houston B2B business collections attorney to determine what their legal options may be. A lawyer can often help businesses secure payment of their debts more quickly and efficiently than they would be able to on their own.

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Debts Often Need to Be Validated

How Validation Affects Debt Collection

In some cases, a business may request payment from a debtor who concedes the validity of the debt and simply pays or makes alternate arrangements. In other cases, however, a debt can be challenged, either pursuant to federal law requiring debt collectors to validate debts or in a court proceeding. In these cases, creditors may be required to produce certain documents or other evidence that can establish the validity of a particular business debt. These may include the following:

  • Signed contracts
  • Canceled checks
  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices related to the account in question
  • Account statements
  • Emails.

In addition to the types of evidence listed above, any written correspondence between the two parties can also be used as powerful evidence for debt validation purposes.

During the debt validation process, creditors must cease and desist from all collections activities. Once the debts have been validated, the creditor may resume collections after informing the debtor by mail.

The Weisblatt Law Firm knows how to confidently navigate the multitude of rules and laws governing business-to-business debt and other related issues. Clients’ affairs are safe under the wing of the Weisblatt Law Firm.

Effective Business-to-Business Debt Collection

Ultimately, effective B2B debt collection in any situation requires strict compliance with debt collection practices. Businesses must avoid running afoul of regulations when seeking debt payment. Otherwise, they face statutory and potentially actual damages, whether they decide to use a collection agency or another means of collection.

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Effective collection of business debts is essential for the success of any business venture. Fortunately for business owners who are experiencing difficulty obtaining payment, the assistance of an experienced attorney can often help induce reluctant debtors to pay. Houston B2B collections lawyer Andrew Weisblatt has been practicing law for over 20 years and is qualified to advise and represent individuals and businesses in a variety of matters related to business law and litigation.

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