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I have practiced business law since 1992. I have learned from this experience that no two problems are exactly alike and every situation has a solution. I pride myself on being accessible to my clients and providing clear answers that are easy to understand.

The Weisblatt Law Firm, L.L.C. offers free initial phone consultations.

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Getting paid for providing others with goods or services is the reason that any business exists and, in many cases, the clients to whom the goods or services are being provided are themselves other businesses. As is the case with any business relationship, there are bound to be situations where it becomes difficult for one party to collect from another. The reason for nonpayment is often varied and could range from a dispute regarding the quality or goods provided or because of cash flow problems on the part of the indebted party.

There are many decisions that are made at the beginning of a new business which can have long term impacts. It is critical that a business select the right entity, take steps to limit its and its owner’s liability, and allow it to operate efficiently. I have helped many new businesses with these and other important formation decisions. If you are starting a new business, I would be happy to meet with you – the earlier the better – to make sure that we get your business off to the RIGHT start and help you to make the strongest foundation so that your business can grow.

Sometimes situations arise where two parties just cannot reach a resolution of a dispute. As business people it is typically our practice to try to assist our clients in finding business solutions to these problems. If no agreeable solution can be reached, then it becomes necessary to litigate these disputes. I have been litigating and trying business disputes for my entire career. I have litigated cases involving amounts in controversy from a few thousand dollars to “bet the company” cases. In my experience, the best deal cannot be reached unless the other side can be made to feel that they have risk in the litigation process. I have developed a reputation among my peers for being able to create the sense of risk in my opponents which leads to the best negotiated outcome and when necessary, to try the case to conclusion.

Most business people would love to have access to a lawyer whenever they have a question. My clients have that access! I frequently form long term relationship with my business customers representing them for long periods of time. I learn their businesses and become a valuable resource for the management team. My history of business representation and being both the Chief Operating Officer as well as the General Counsel of a multi-national steel fitting and flange company gives me a unique perspective of how to answer the day to day questions faced by large and small business owners. It is my goal to help my business clients avoid problems. If you have a business question – including employee issues, contract issues, business sale or purchase issues, collection issues or defense of claims issues – I would be pleased to meet with you and determine if my experience and skills can help you with your business.

I have helped clients buy and sell commercial real estate for my entire career. I am adept and assisting in the due diligence process and the document creation and review process. There are many pitfalls that must be avoided to make sure that the buyer of real estate end up owning what they think they are buying and making sure they know what that is. If you or your business is considering buying a piece of real estate I would be pleased to assist you. I also represent both Landlords and Tenants. If your business is entering into a lease, that is probably one of the largest financial commitments you will make – you should have a lawyer review ALL leases before you sign them. I have assisted clients with all types of commercial leases and would be pleased to help you!

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What can I say? I will never hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone. Personable, professional, honest and diligent. Period.

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