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Our commercial B2B collections lawyer helps businesses collect on unpaid debts incurred by other businesses.

A B2B collections lawyer can help when problems arise with debt collections. Your business may be operating like a well-oiled machine, with you not only serving your clients, but taking pride in going above and beyond. Most customers will understand the importance of paying you for your work — and paying you in a timely manner. But even one client who lets those invoices pile up can be the proverbial monkey wrench in your company operations, requiring you to seek help with your business-to-business collections. Thousands of dollars may be at stake — money you need to keep your doors open, meet payroll, and pay your own vendors down the line.

Your Business Must Get Paid to Keep Going

Let’s face it: no matter how passionate you are about your product or service, even if your business is a labor of love, it is not a hobby. Getting paid for providing others with goods or services is the bottom-line reason why any business exists. In many cases, the clients to whom the goods or services are being provided are themselves other businesses. As is the case with any business relationship, there are bound to be situations where it becomes difficult for one party to collect from another. The reason for nonpayment varies and could range from a dispute regarding the quality or goods provided or because of cash flow problems on the part of the indebted party.

Getting paid on time is central to running a profitable business. Fortunately, there are many ways that a Houston B2B business collections attorney can help secure payment from a delinquent debtor. Hiring an attorney, as opposed to a debt collection agency, can result in a quicker resolution and may avoid ruining an established and lucrative business relationship. Anyone seeking to collect business debts from another business should explore his or her options with an attorney who has experience handling B2B collection matters.

We Negotiate Business Debt Collection to Avoid Litigation When Possible

The business-to-business debt collection attorneys at the Weisblatt Law Firm in Houston have years of experience helping their corporate clients recover money owed to them. Mr. Andrew Weisblatt uses his legal skills to help clients collect corporate debts of $30,000 and higher. He will not hesitate to take your case to court if needed, but he deftly negotiates with debtors first to avoid litigation if possible. In most cases, Mr. Weisblatt is able to resolve your dispute through a carefully crafted letter or negotiation. As a small business owner himself, Mr. Weisblatt understands the importance of preserving and restoring relationships, even through conflict, and he will work hard to promote civility and professionalism throughout all proceedings.

For an initial conversation with Mr. Weisblatt about your unique debt collection circumstances, call us at 713-666-1981.

Our Houston Commercial Collections Lawyer Utilizes a Variety of Techniques for B2B Collections

With a Letter or a Lawsuit, Our Commercial Collections Lawyer Has the Means to Get You the Money You’re Owed

There are a number of methods and techniques that an attorney can employ in order to secure payment from a debtor, many of which have nothing to do with going to court. In fact, a lawsuit, while effective, is expensive and time-consuming, and the outcome is uncertain. It’s in the best interests of all parties to resolve the dispute outside of the courtroom. Here are three steps the business-to-business debt commercial collection attorneys at the Weisblatt Law Firm will take to help you recover your money.

We Will Send a Letter on Your Behalf

You’ve certainly been in constant contact with your derelict client, perhaps calling, emailing, sending invoices and even letters. But customers who have no problem tossing aside communications on your company letterhead will think twice about ignoring letters from a commercial debt collection attorney. They will know you have retained legal counsel and you are escalating your efforts to get paid. In some cases, the mere awareness that a creditor has retained legal representation provides sufficient motivation to induce a delinquent debtor to pay. After all, retaining a business attorney is often the first step in preparing for litigation, and the costs of a lawsuit can often far outweigh simply paying the debt owed. As a result, a letter politely requesting payment on attorney or law firm letterhead can sometimes be all it takes to settle an unpaid business debt.

We will negotiate a settlement arrangement with the debtor.

If our letters do not get a response, it’s time to dig a little further. This does not necessarily mean we will jump to file a lawsuit. There are a number of reasons why a person or business may become delinquent on their debts. In some cases, businesses who owe money simply do not have all the cash on hand and are amenable to paying their debt off in a series of installments or on a discounted basis. Commercial debt collection lawyer Andrew Weisblatt is a skilled negotiator and can also serve as a buffer who is not personally invested in a situation, allowing parties to come to a mutually agreeable settlement arrangement

We Will File a Lawsuit to Obtain a Judgment

There are times when letters and attempts at negotiation do not result in a satisfactory outcome for our client. When the delinquent customer digs in their heels and refuses to work with us to settle a debt, it may become necessary to file a lawsuit in order to obtain a judgment against the debtor. A judgment allows a creditor to engage in certain collection activities, such as placing liens on property or garnishing assets, which creditors cannot do without a valid judgment. It is important for anyone seeking to file a lawsuit to do so with the assistance of an experienced debt collection attorney.

Texas commercial collections lawyer Andrew Weisblatt is a skilled Houston business lawyer who understands how to effectively collect from businesses that may be reluctant or unable to pay their outstanding financial obligations. To schedule an appointment with Mr. Weisblatt, call our Houston office today at 713-666-1981.

Our Business-to-Business Collections Attorney Handles Collections So You Don’t Have To

Business-to-Business Collections Attorneys Assist Clients as They Collect on Debts Owed by Other Businesses

To succeed, every company must carefully balance their costs with their revenue. However, when you look at your profit and loss statement, you may notice that some losses are not attributable to regular operational expenses, but instead to money owed to you by other companies. These extremely frustrating losses can exist for an unnecessarily long time, disrupt your cash flow — and even threaten the future of your business.

Companies rely on invoices paid by individual customers and clients for the goods and services they provide. However, many companies have other businesses as clients as well. With 2.6 million small businesses throughout Texas, it is no surprise that many of them work together and rely on one another.

Other business owners should understand the importance of prompt payment of invoices, as the failure to pay can throw off your budget and operations. Unfortunately, many business owners try to avoid paying debts by making excuses or by simply ignoring the matter altogether.

While you are focused on managing your employees, overseeing operations, and reconciling your books, the last thing you want to worry about is pursuing collections from stubborn companies that you know are reluctant to pay. But, of course, writing off these losses is not an option. The business-to-business collections attorneys at the Weisblatt Law Firm are experts in the field of business-to-business collections in Houston. They will focus on getting you your money so you can keep your attention on the day-to-day running of your company and other important matters.

A Commercial Debt Collection Attorney in Houston with a Unique Approach

Our Commercial Collections Lawyer in Houston Has Strategies That Work

If you are like many companies, your customers include individual consumers and other businesses, to whom you provide goods or services in exchange for payment. Whether you are a vendor, consultant, or provide other benefits for businesses, it’s critical that your clients pay their invoices in a timely manner so you can keep your business running smoothly. Unfortunately, as you probably know all too well, not all clients make payments as they should.

You likely have tactics you employ to collect from consumers and may feel tempted to use those same collection methods to collect B2B debts. However, several key differences separate consumer collections and B2B collections, and using the same approach will often fail. Our law firm has unique strategies to collect business debts on behalf of our clients.

First, debts from other companies tend to range into greater dollar amounts than debts from your individual customers. While consumers may make single purchases, business clients may buy bulk products or ongoing services. For this reason, business-to-business debts can have a greater effect on your bottom line—and could even put your company’s success in jeopardy in the case of substantial clients. Not only are you not receiving the funds those businesses owe, but those clients have likely halted further orders since they know they are behind on payments. You are losing that future revenue as well. And while it’s easy to write off an individual consumer with much smaller-scale purchases, you may find it’s in your best interest to preserve your relationship with a commercial customer with the potential to make large, ongoing purchases.

Businesses may prove more stubborn and calculating when it comes to evading B2B debts, sometimes permanently. They are also likely to have lawyers working with and advising them on how to best protect their financial interests. For example, a business owner may know the serious financial problems of the company and may suspect that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is in the company’s future. In this case, a debtor may work to delay any payments while filing for bankruptcy and wrapping up operations. In this case, you will likely never see a dime after the business closes.

This situation is more common than you may think, as many owners choose to shut down the business instead of continuing to accrue debt.

Call our commercial collections lawyer in Houston at 713-666-1981 to discuss your options.

Helping You Preserve Relationships When Possible

When companies seek to collect debts from consumers, they may not have a desire to preserve a relationship with that consumer. The top priority is to recoup the money, and it’s not a big hit to the business’s bottom line if the other party walks away unhappy and never comes back.

Therefore, consumer collection departments and agencies often use harsh or even harassing tactics to seek payment. Their priority is not about avoiding acrimony or keeping things civil so the two parties can work together again in the future. Their priority is getting payment — in fact, they often must fill quotas or are incentivized for high performance numbers. This can result in collection attempts without any regard for the business owner and individual situations.

You want to take a more nuanced approach with business to business collections, especially those from customers who may once again put in substantial orders when their budgets are back on track. The last thing you want to do is leave them with a bad taste in their mouth and a desire to take their future business — and money — to a competitor.

At the Weisblatt Law Firm, we approach business-to-business collections with the preservation of relationships in mind. First, we never use harassing or unprofessional tactics when communicating with your business clients. We do not have a quota to fill, and we have the time and resources to collect your debt the right way. We keep everything professional so as not to affect the image of your company at all—because we are representing you.

We will likely begin your B2B collection efforts with a carefully written demand letter. Sometimes, all it takes is a letter from an experienced business attorney to convince a client that you are serious about collecting the debt. The company may want to avoid the expense and hassle of any further legal action and may reach out regarding the debt after receiving the communication.

In some situations, a company will experience a temporary setback or loss of liquidity that prevents it from paying the debt in a timely manner. We can help you negotiate an agreement that enables the company to make lower payments or devise an installment plan in lieu of paying the debt in full all at one time. Receiving any payment is preferable to receiving no money at all, and the other party may be happy to fulfill its obligations once it is in a better position to do so.

Finally, while we always hope to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom, some B2B collection cases do require taking legal action. You want an experienced litigator handling the case who knows how to file and pursue an effective lawsuit against the company. At the Weisberg Law Firm, we have years of experience helping businesses recoup their money from other businesses. Call B2B collections lawyer Andrew Weisblatt in our Houston office at 713-666-1981 to discuss how we can assist you today.

The Litigation Process in B2B Debt Collection

In some cases, demand letters or negotiations can result in satisfactory payment or settlement of business-to-business debts. Most people want to avoid trials, which are costly, time-consuming, and uncertain in outcome. However, in some cases, debtors either don’t respond to other approaches or the two parties just can’t come to a satisfactory agreement through negotiation. In either of these circumstances, filing a debt collection lawsuit against the debtor in civil court may be the next step. If such litigation is necessary, you need to be sure you have a qualified commercial debt collection lawyer handling your case to ensure the most favorable results for you.

Overview of the Lawsuit Process

The process involved in pursuing a lawsuit is complex and involves many different steps and requirements, as all actions in a legal claim must comply with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure as well as the rules of the specific court in which you file. The following is a brief overview of some of the steps involved:

Consult with Our Experienced Houston Business Litigation Lawyer Today

If you are pursuing B2B debt collection without success, litigation may be necessary to obtain the judgment you deserve — and the money you need to keep your company running on track. Because the civil lawsuit process can be complicated and involves many different rules and requirements, it is imperative to have the representation of an experienced B2B collections lawyer. Andrew Weisblatt has extensive experience in all types of business litigation matters in and around Houston, including debt collection litigation. If you would like more information about how we can help you, call the Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC at 713-666-1981 today.

Our Commercial Debt Collection Lawyer Can Help You Collect Unpaid Judgments

Perhaps you’ve already been through a lawsuit with your delinquent client and you still haven’t received your money. If so, you are not alone. In fact, many statistics indicate that the vast majority of judgments issued by courts in regard to outstanding debts are never collected.

Essentially, a judgment is a court order requiring a person to pay back debts that the court has deemed valid. Unfortunately for creditors, this is where the court’s involvement in the matter ends unless either party requests further action. Debts incurred in the course of business have the potential to be substantial, particularly when they involve business-to-business transactions. Fortunately for businesses that have secured judgments against parties that owe them money, there are several ways in which an attorney may be able to enforce a judgment against a business debt. Some of the more commonly utilized are detailed below.

Securing liens on property

Under Texas law, a creditor who has obtained a judgment may attach a judgment lien to real property owned by the debtor. “Real property” means any real estate owned by the debtor. By attaching a lien, a business-creditor can ensure that it receives a portion of the proceeds if the property is sold. To attach a lien, a creditor must file a copy of the judgment with the county clerk in the county in which the debtor owns property.

Non-periodic garnishment

While Texas has some of the most restrictive garnishment laws in the country in regard to consumers and wage garnishment, the assets of a business entity can often be garnished in the event of an unpaid judgment.

Seizure of property through a Writ of Execution

In some cases, creditors who hold judgments against their debtors may request that the court issue a Writ of Execution in order to allow the creditor to seize assets, including bank accounts or other property owned by the debtor.

If you have already taken your debtor to court, but the other party is not respecting the judgment requiring them to pay you back, you need a good B2B debt collection attorney to ensure the judgment is ultimately enforced, whether through a lien, garnishment, or seizure of assets. No matter where you are in the legal process, commercial collections lawyer Andrew Weisblatt will fight to make sure you get the money you are owed. To schedule a consultation, call his Houston office at 713-666-1981.

Frequently Asked Questions About B2B Collections

Many businesses operate either solely or partially in a business-to-business market, where their customers and clients are other business entities. When businesses are reluctant to pay their debts, creditors often turn to a B2B business-to-business collection attorney to ensure that their accounts receivable are paid. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding collecting a debt from a business. People with specific questions should consult with a Houston B2B debt collection attorney as soon as possible.

Are B2B business-to-business collections different than collections involving individuals?
Yes. There are often special considerations when attempting to collect a debt from another business, particularly when there is an ongoing and valuable business relationship at stake. Additionally, special legal rules are often at issue when a debtor is a business rather than an individual.

Will I have to file a lawsuit in order to collect on a debt?
No, but in some cases, it may become necessary. In many instances, the simple fact that an attorney has become involved at all in the matter is enough to induce a debtor to pay. Additionally, there are many ways to escalate collection attempts without resorting to filing a lawsuit. For example, an experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a repayment plan that is acceptable to both parties.

Do I need to hire an attorney to collect on a business debt?
While some people feel comfortable firmly asking for money they are owed, and doing so repeatedly, others are not. Additionally, when there is a personal relationship as well as a business relationship, communication can quickly become difficult. Many debtors who haven’t responded to your requests for payment will be much more likely to pay up once they realize you’ve hired legal counsel. Plus, an experienced business attorney has a thorough knowledge of the law and a variety of tools to employ in collecting a debt — up to and including filing a lawsuit. Hiring an attorney to assist in business-to-business debt collection can often make the debt collection process quicker and more efficient.

Contact a Houston Business Debt Collection Attorney Today to Discuss Your Case

Effective billing and debt collection techniques are essential to the success of any business venture, but, while you rely on timely receipt of money you’re owed, the last thing you want to do is spend your valuable time going after delinquent clients. Houston commercial debt collection lawyer Andrew Weisblatt can effectively maximize your ability to collect your debts while keeping valuable business relationships intact. To schedule a consultation, call 713-666-1981.

Client Testimonial

”I am an attorney in Houston Texas. I have worked with Andrew Weisblatt on a couple of different matters recently. He was always attentive and gave excellent advice to both his clients and other counsel. I highly recommend him for all of your business legal needs.” – Tom Bair (Google Review)

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Mr. Weisblatt has practiced continuously since becoming licensed in 1992 and has represented businesses ranging in size from one person start-up ventures to multi-national corporations employing hundreds of people in multiple countries. From 2005 through 2009 Mr. Weisblatt was in-house counsel and chief operating officer of a multi-national corporation in the steel products industry. That in-house position provided valuable insight into how businesses work and what they actually need from their lawyers – both in-house and outside counsel. Attorney Bio

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