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According to reports, Texas is in the top five states for startup activity and entrepreneurs in recent years. The choice of business entity is among the most important decisions facing a new business, and it can have significant implications, ranging from tax issues to exposure to personal liability. There a number of business entities from which to choose in Texas, all of which have different benefits and drawbacks.

Additionally, while some business entities require significant legal formalities to create and manage, others may exist without filing documentation with the state and they may even create the business unintentionally. As a result, anyone who is considering creating a business entity must discuss their options with an attorney who knows the various options available under Texas law.

Houston business lawyer Andrew Weisblatt helps many business owners start from scratch or change the type of business they are already running. The Weisblatt Law Firm, PLLC works with companies of all types and sizes, from one-man operations to large corporations. Choosing and implementing the right corporate structure for your business is critical to its success. Call today to discuss your options regarding corporate formation and learn how we can assist you.

Texas Businesses Have Various Options

The type of business entity that best suits your situation depends on a variety of factors, including the type of business you wish to open, the number of people involved, whether or not you plan on issuing securities, financing options, and long-term plans in terms of growth. Some of the Texas business entities that are potential options include:

Some business entities require no formal steps for formation. Some require filing paperwork, and others require ongoing commitments to reporting, holding meetings, and abiding by corporate rules. In some cases, it the right decision to incorporate even though there are greater obligations to the state. For other owners, they can benefit more from the structure of an LLC and enjoy the less stringent filing requirements.

The Weisblatt Firm, PLLC will carefully review all of your available options for your corporate structure, including the possible benefits and drawbacks of each. We want your business to start off on the right foot, so we want to ensure your corporate structure provides all the necessary protections with no unnecessary burdens. Once you select the right entity type, we will ensure that you complete every step of the formation process. Whether you already have an entity in mind or have no idea which one is right for you, call today so we can start the conversation and begin the process of making your business dreams a reality.

The Formation Process

Selecting a business entity and filing the initial paperwork with the state are only the first steps in forming your business. While a business may exist on paper, it takes many additional steps to begin your operations in the best legal position. Some people simply begin operating, only to soon experience roadblocks or learn they face liability for noncompliance with all legal requirements. Business lawyer Andrew Weisblatt can ensure you cover all your bases so you are heading toward success from the very start.

Some legal services that are part of business formation for startups can include:

Each business will have its own path to begin operations, and corporate formation is a vital part of this process. Many people fail to start their business because they do not know where to begin, despite having a brilliant idea. Allow The Weisblatt firm to help guide your startup to success.

Contact a Houston Corporate Formation Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation

The choice of business entity is an extremely important decision that can have a significant impact on the day-to-day operations and the overall success of a business venture. As a result, it is important that anyone who is in the process of making this important decision discuss their options with an experienced Houston business attorney before making any final decisions.

It is also important to form your business with the guidance of a knowledgeable business lawyer. Each entity has its own requirements and you do not want to risk difficulties with the Secretary of State in the first weeks or months of operations. Our law firm regularly walks clients through the entire process of corporate formation, ensuring compliance each step of the way.

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