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Houston Business Litigation Attorney

Houston Business Litigation Attorney


Houston Business Litigation Attorney

Providing aggressive legal representation to businesses that are a party to litigation

Disputes are an almost inevitable part of conducting business in any industry, whether you are in manufacturing or professional services. While most business disputes are resolved informally and without the assistance of attorneys, sometimes one or both parties believes that litigation is necessary to resolve a particular dispute to their satisfaction. Broadly speaking, business litigation encompasses any court proceeding in which a business transaction or relationship is at issue. Business litigation can involve business entities or individuals and is defined more by the subject matter of the dispute than by the parties to a particular lawsuit. When business disputes are litigated, the legal issues raised can be extremely complicated. In addition, significant assets and resources may be at stake. As a result, it is highly advisable for anyone who is a party to a lawsuit to retain legal representation as soon as possible.

Qualified to represent businesses involved in a wide variety of disputes

Houston attorney Andrew Weisblatt has been practicing law for more than 20 years and litigated a wide variety of business disputes. Among the types of cases that Mr. Weissblatt routinely takes include:

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If you or your business is involved in a business dispute, you should retain legal representation as soon as possible, even if a lawsuit has not yet been filed. In many instances, the intervention of an attorney may be able to avoid having to go to court. If it does not, it is extremely important to have an attorney represent you in any lawsuit that occurs. In many cases, an attorney will have a significant impact on the way that a case is ultimately resolved. To schedule a free phone consultation with a Houston business litigation attorney, call The Weissblatt Law Firm, LLC today at 713-666-1981 or send us an email through our online contact form available here.

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