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Disputes are an almost inevitable part of conducting business in any industry, whether you are in manufacturing or professional services. While some parties can resolve business disputes informally and without the assistance of attorneys, sometimes, one or both parties believe that litigation is necessary to resolve a particular dispute to their satisfaction. Broadly speaking, business litigation encompasses any court proceeding in which a business transaction or relationship is at issue. Business litigation can involve business entities or individuals, and it is defined more by the subject matter of the dispute than by the parties to a particular lawsuit. When business disputes require litigation, the legal issues raised can be extremely complicated. In addition, significant assets and resources may be at stake. As a result, it is highly advisable for anyone who is a party to a lawsuit to retain legal representation as soon as possible.

Houston business attorney Andrew Weisblatt represents many clients in many types of business litigation matters. Not only does he understand all relevant Texas and federal business laws, but he has extensive experience navigating the litigation process and in the courtroom. If you believe a dispute is arising or escalating, do not wait to contact The Weisblatt Law Firm, PLLC at (713) 352-0847 to discuss how we can help.

A Business Litigation Attorney Qualified To Represent Businesses Involved In A Wide Variety Of Disputes

Many people may be apprehensive of litigation, since going to court seems like a major and costly undertaking. In reality, litigation is a common way for parties to resolve legal issues. For example, Texas Judiciary reports indicate that parties filed more than 539,000 civil cases in Texas courts (not including municipal courts) in a single year. Many of these cases involve personal injury, though consider the following:

As you can see, civil litigation happens all the time, often involving one or more companies. It is not a rare occurrence, so you do not need to be stressed if you have a highly skilled business litigation attorney at your side. We are here to make your life easier so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your company and the leadership of your team. Let us handle the legal side of things so you don’t have to. For a free initial consultation about your case, call our Houston business litigation lawyer today at (713) 666-1981.

Andrew Weisblatt has been practicing law for more than 20 years and has litigated a wide variety of business disputes for different types of clients, including companies large and small. Among the litigation cases that The Weisblatt Law Firm routinely handles include:

Each type of dispute requires a unique and carefully planned approach to ensure the best outcome for our clients. No matter what type of dispute you face, contact us at (713) 666-1981 for legal representation you can trust.

How Litigation Arises: The Value of a Houston Business Litigation Attorney

There are many ways that business litigation arises. Sometimes it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” It’s important to be prepared. Conflicts can arise between many different parties, including:

Often, parties can work together to fulfill a contract or finalize a transaction without issue. However, for one reason or another, things can go wrong and one party may allege that they deserve legal relief. If you do not address a dispute right away, it can quickly escalate to litigation before you know it.

The first step to try to resolve a dispute is to simply negotiate with the other party. Often, having an attorney engaged in the discussion can help resolve the matter sooner. Having legal representation indicates that you are ready to escalate the matter and take formal legal action if the party does not agree to rectify the matter on their own.

Mediation and Arbitration

If you cannot work together and reach a solution, we will look at any applicable contracts to see if there are any dispute resolution provisions. Many contracts require that you engage in mediation or arbitration instead of taking the matter to court.

The following is some information regarding these alternative dispute resolution methods. If you reach this point, your business litigation attorney can explain mediation and arbitration in even greater detail:

While the above are alternatives to litigation, you want to have an experienced Houston business litigation lawyer on your side during either process. The same things are at stake in mediation or arbitration as would be in a civil case, and your lawyer will understand how best to protect your company’s rights and interests.

What’s Next?

If your contract does not require you to use alternative dispute resolution and if you cannot resolve the matter out of court, it is likely necessary to turn to litigation. Many times, this is a last resort because it can be expensive and it takes more time. However, sometimes it is the only option if an agreement cannot be reached.

If you are seeking legal relief, our law firm can prepare and file a persuasive petition with the proper court on your behalf. If another party filed a petition against you, our law firm can properly respond to the petition and prepare a strong defense against their claims. Our business litigation attorneys are highly experienced at defending clients against other parties’ petitions. For a free initial consultation about your case, call The Weisblatt Law Firm P.L.L.C. at (713) 666-1981.

The Litigation Process

The business litigation process is a complicated one with many laws and rules at issue. A skilled business litigation lawyer should understand how the following apply in each case:

These laws and rules weave their way through every step of litigation, each petition and motion filed, and the trial process.

After filing petitions, answers, and initial motions, a case will proceed to the discovery phase if the court denied any motions to dismiss. This phase is critical and complex, as it involves obtaining information and evidence the other party has and plans to use in its case. Often, gathering evidence during discovery can lead to more persuasive settlement negotiations.

Settlement negotiations will occur throughout the litigation process and can continue until a trial verdict. Most business litigation matters settle before a trial even begins. It is important to have a lawyer who is both a skilled litigator and a skilled negotiator. Reaching a settlement agreement can save all parties involved time, stress, and money

This is only a very brief overview of the business litigation process. To discuss a specific situation, contact The Weisblatt Firm directly today.

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If you or your business gets involved in a business dispute, you should retain legal representation as soon as possible, even if no one filed a lawsuit yet. In many instances, the intervention of an attorney may be able to avoid your having to go to court. If it does not, it is extremely important to have an attorney represent you in any lawsuit that occurs. In many cases, an attorney will have a significant impact on the way that you ultimately resolve your case. To schedule a free phone consultation with a Houston business litigation attorney, call The Weisblatt Law Firm, P.L.L.C., today at (713) 666-1981 or send us an email through our online contact form..

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