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If you run a business in a commercial space, you likely understand how important the right property is for the success of your company. A skilled Houston commercial lease lawyer understands this, too. If you have a store, it must be in the right location to attract passersby and walk-ins. If you own a restaurant, the space must be set up in an inviting way for diners while accommodating the practical needs of a kitchen. If you simply run operations out of an office space, you want to make sure it’s one that makes your employees feel at home and increases productivity. Many business owners do not have the desire or resources to purchase a commercial space, so they search for property to lease.

At any given time, there are thousands of commercial properties for lease in the Houston area. However, even if you find the perfect space for your business, there is still another highly important factor to consider — the lease itself. This is where a skilled and experienced Houston commercial lease lawyer can help.

How can a Commercial Lease Attorney Help Me?

Whenever you are leasing space or equipment from another individual or business, you should sign a lease agreement that sets out the specific terms of the lease in writing. While the main purpose of a lease is to give the property owner certain rights and protections, the terms of the lease are also very important for your business. An unfair or incomplete lease can leave your business vulnerable and affect your overall success. For this reason, you should protect your company by having a skilled Houston commercial lease attorney review a lease before you sign it.

Houston commercial real estate attorney Andrew Weisblatt regularly reviews and negotiates commercial lease agreements to make sure your best interests are protected. The Weisblatt Law Firm works with all types of business clients trying to lease all types of properties, so please do not hesitate to contact our Houston office at 713-666-1981 to discuss your specific situation.  We would be glad to help.

Houston Commercial Lease Lawyer Review

Most landlords draft their own commercial leases and, therefore, the leases tend to heavily favor the landlord’s interests in many cases. This means that some provisions may not be favorable to you—the tenant—and some may actually be unfair or unlawful. A business lease lawyer knows that commercial lease agreements are often voluminous, with many provisions written in technical legal language. This makes it difficult for a business owner who is not familiar with commercial real estate law to completely understand all of the relevant provisions and identify any potentially unfair terms. Too many business owners sign commercial leases without realizing the adverse effects the lease terms may have down the road. A Houston commercial lease lawyer can help you avoid any pitfalls.

There are many provisions in a lease that a commercial lease agreement lawyer looks out for, knowing they may be harmful to a business tenant. They including the following:

The Value of a Business Lease Attorney

In addition to making sure a lease includes no unfair terms, a business lease attorney also wants to ensure that clauses in commercial leases exist to protect a client’s rights in the landlord-tenant arrangement. Such terms may include limiting how the landlord can rent nearby spaces, which is an exclusive-use clause in a tenant’s favor. For example, if you run a hair salon, you do not want your landlord renting to another hair salon two doors down that will compete with you and potentially limit your customers. It is just as important to protect the rights of the tenant in a commercial lease, though some landlords will not voluntarily include these provisions. To discuss your case in greater detail, call Houston commercial lease lawyer Andrew Weisblatt at 713-666-1981.

A Commercial Lease Attorney Negotiates on Your Behalf

When our business lease lawyer reviews a commercial lease and finds potentially unfavorable terms, it does not necessarily mean that leasing that particular space is out of the question. Instead, The Weisblatt Law Firm regularly engages in negotiations with commercial landlords to try to amend or update certain terms to better protect the rights and interests of the lessee.

Often, a commercial property owner may be using a standard boilerplate lease, and they may not even realize that some of the terms may be unattractive to tenants. Additionally, property owners may be highly motivated to lease a space as quickly as possible, so they may be more than willing to adjust lease terms to better suit the tenant. Often, having the right commercial lease agreement lawyer sitting down at the negotiating table can make all the difference in getting the lease terms you need.

Should a dispute arise regarding your existing lease, our law firm can represent you in resolving the conflict. A dispute does not have to result in eviction, financial losses, or unnecessary liability. Our firm will work to protect the rights of you and your business.

Questions to Ask About a Commercial Lease

Before signing a commercial lease, there are several questions you should ask yourself about Texas real estate and the lease specifically.  The answers can be important.  If you don’t know the answers, talking to a Houston commercial lease lawyer is your next step.

  1. What are my options regarding the length of the lease?
  2. Does the square footage include storage space or outdoor covered space?
  3. What happens if I have a dispute with the landlord? Am I required to go to mediation?
  4. Does the cost of the lease include any buildouts?
  5. Does the cost of the lease include utilities such as water, electric and trash removal?
  6. What is the penalty if I break the lease?
  7. Does the lease cover the cost of signage, or is the tenant responsible for that cost?
  8. Are there restroom facilities available as part of the lease? If so, where?
  9. Who are the tenants on either side of the commercial space I’m considering?
  10. What if I sell my business? Can the new owner assume the lease?

You likely have many more questions, too. The best thing to do is write down your questions so you don’t forget any before discussing them with the landlord.

How Do I Choose the Best Houston Commercial Lease Attorney?

We know there are many commercial lease lawyers to choose from in the Houston area. So what makes The Weisblatt Law Firm an outstanding choice? First, we are large enough to provide comprehensive business law services, but not so large that you get lost in the shuffle. Next, attorney Andrew Weisblatt has decades of legal experience working as both in-house counsel and outside counsel at both small and large companies.

He deeply understands the needs of business owners, and he is committed to responsive and transparent service to his clients. He can provide individual legal services in specialized areas, or he can partner with a company to provide comprehensive legal counsel in every area from commercial leases, employment contracts, and litigation to drafting articles of incorporation and securing permits and licenses. Whether your legal needs are big or small, The Weisblatt Law Firm can help.

Learn More About Attorney Andrew Weisblatt

One of the best ways to get to know an attorney and assess them is to read their attorney bio.  As you read Mr. Weisblatt’s bio, it quickly becomes apparent that he has vast legal experience as well as deep roots in the community.  He cares about both his clients and the communities he serves, which is evident in the positive client testimonials and reviews that he receives.

Contact an Experienced Houston Commercial Lease Lawyer for Help Today

If you need to sign a commercial lease, you should always first contact The Weisblatt Law Firm, PLLC, in Houston for commercial lease review or commercial lease drafting. Whether it’s 3,000 square feet or 50,000 square feet, seeking the assistance and counsel of a Houston commercial lease attorney can help protect your business, as well as resolve disputes should they arise regarding your commercial lease. Where commercial leases are concerned, an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure. Don’t get into a lease that you later regret. Allow a skilled Houston commercial lease lawyer provide the legal protection you need. Do not hesitate to call today at 713-666-1981 or email us for more information about our business law services.

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