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Whenever you are leasing space or equipment from another individual or business, you should sign a lease agreement that sets out the specific terms of the lease in writing. While a main purpose of a lease is to give the property owner certain rights and protections, the terms of the lease are also very important for your business. An unfair or incomplete lease can leave your business vulnerable and affect your overall success. For this reason, Houston business attorney Andrew Weisblatt regularly reviews and negotiates commercial lease agreements in order to make sure your best interests are protected.

Commercial lease review

Most commercial leases are drafted by the landlord and, therefore, favor the landlord in many cases. This means that some provisions may not be favorable to you—the tenant—and some may actually be unfair or unlawful. Commercial lease agreements are often voluminous with many provisions written in technical legal language. This makes it difficult for a business owner who is not familiar with commercial real estate law to completely understand all of the relevant provisions and identify any potentially unfair terms.

There are many provisions in a commercial lease that may be harmful to a business tenant, including:

In addition to making sure no unfair terms are included, businesses also want to ensure that certain provisions exist that protect their rights in the landlord-tenant. Such terms may include limiting how the landlord can rent nearby spaces. For example, if you run a bakery, you do not want your landlord renting to another bakery two doors down that will compete with you and potentially limit your customers. It is just as important to protect the rights of the tenant in a commercial lease though some landlords will not voluntarily include these provisions.

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