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Embarking on a new business venture is a thrilling endeavor. However, this exciting journey into the business realm comes with its own set of challenges and demands substantial effort. As a business owner, the onus of numerous decisions falls on your shoulders, with the initial and crucial one being the organizational structure of your new enterprise. It is advisable not to make this decision in isolation. Seeking guidance from a competent business formation attorney in Austin is a prudent step when navigating the complexities of business formation.

Every decision requires careful consideration, from selecting the most suitable business structure to navigating the regulatory landscape. That’s where we come in. We specialize in providing comprehensive and tailored legal services to ensure your business complies with the law and thrives in the competitive Austin market.

At the Weisblatt Law Firm, we understand that the foundation of your business is crucial to its long-term success. As a leading legal firm in Austin, Texas, we take pride in offering comprehensive business formation services designed to guide entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes through the intricate process of establishing and growing in the dynamic Austin business landscape. Contact us at (713) 666-1981 for a free phone consultation.

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How Do I Register a Business in Austin, Texas?

To register a business in Austin, you must file the necessary documents with the Texas Secretary of State. The specific requirements depend on the chosen business structure. It’s advisable to consult with a legal professional or use online resources provided by the state for accurate and up-to-date information.


How Can I Choose the Right Business Name for My Company?

When selecting a business name in Austin, consider factors such as availability, uniqueness, and compliance with Texas naming regulations. Conducting a thorough name search and, if necessary, registering your business name with the appropriate authorities is recommended.

Is it Necessary to Hire a Business Attorney to Form My Company?

While it’s not mandatory to hire a business attorney, it is highly recommended. A qualified attorney can provide valuable guidance on legal requirements, help you choose the right business structure, and ensure that your business complies with all relevant laws and regulations in Austin. Investing in legal advice upfront can save you time, money, and potential complications in the long run.


Why Choose the Weisblatt Law Firm for Your Business Formation Needs?

Choosing the Weisblatt Law Firm for your business formation needs offers a distinct advantage due to our commitment to excellence. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider us as your trusted legal partner:

  1. Expertise and experience: Our team brings a wealth of experience in business formation law. With a proven track record of guiding businesses through the complexities of business formation, we possess the knowledge and insights needed to ensure a smooth and legally sound process.
  2. Personalized approach: We understand that every business is unique, with its own set of goals, challenges, and industry nuances. At the Weisblatt Law Firm, we take a personalized approach to address the specific needs of your business. Our attorneys work closely with you to tailor legal solutions that align with your objectives.
  3. Comprehensive services: From the initial stages of entity selection to the ongoing support needed for a thriving business, our services cover the entire spectrum of business formation. Whether you’re a startup, an entrepreneur, or an established business, we provide comprehensive legal assistance to ensure your business is structured for success.
  4. Legal documentation mastery: Crafting the right legal documents is crucial for a strong business foundation. We specialize in drafting and reviewing essential documents, such as bylaws, articles of incorporation, operating agreements, and partnership agreements. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your legal framework is robust and tailored to your business needs.
  5. Regulatory compliance assurance: Navigating the regulatory landscape can be complex, especially in Austin’s dynamic business environment. We guide you through local, state, and federal regulations, ensuring your business complies with all necessary licenses, permits, and legal requirements.
  6. Tax planning strategies: Understanding the tax implications of different business structures is crucial for financial planning. Our team provides strategic guidance on tax matters, helping you develop and implement tax-efficient strategies that contribute to the financial health of your business.
  7. Ongoing support and accessibility: Business needs evolve, and legal challenges can arise at any stage. We offer ongoing legal support, including contract review, compliance updates, and assistance with day-to-day legal issues. Our commitment to accessibility means that you can rely on us as a responsive and trusted partner throughout your business journey.


Types of Austin Business Organizations

There are various business entities allowed by state law, and when starting your business in Austin, you have several options to consider:

  1. Sole proprietorships: Setting up a sole proprietorship in Austin is a straightforward and quick approach to starting a business. In this structure, you have complete control but also bear sole responsibility for all financial debts and liabilities. The paperwork required is minimal, especially if you operate under your legal name. However, filing a “Doing Business As” (DBA) form with the relevant county is necessary if you use a business name. Some businesses may also need a business license.
  2. Partnerships: A partnership is viable for those who do not want to shoulder all the risks alone. Partnerships involve two or more parties agreeing to share financial liabilities and profits. There are two main types allowed under Texas law:
    • General partnership: Partners equally share profits, losses, debts, and liabilities. The paperwork involved is typically minimal.
    • Limited partnership: General partners share profits and losses equally, while the financial liabilities of limited partners are limited to their initial investment. Establishing a limited partnership in Texas involves additional requirements, such as a filing fee, mandatory liability insurance, and the inclusion of “LLP” in the business name.
  3. Corporations: Business owners seeking to minimize personal liability or ensure business continuity after their demise may opt for a corporation. Corporations in Texas may enjoy certain tax advantages, and owners benefit from personal liability protection. However, setting up a corporation entails strict requirements, including filing specific documents with the Texas Secretary of State.
  4. Limited liability companies (LLCs): LLCs provide a hybrid business model, combining elements of partnerships and corporations. Owners enjoy personal liability protection, and their responsibility is limited to their initial investment. Establishing an LLC in Texas requires filing Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Business Structure

Since each business has unique requirements, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for determining the optimal business structure. Consider the following factors when deciding how to organize your business:

  1. Taxation: Different business types have distinct tax obligations. Identifying a structure that minimizes your tax liability while ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations is crucial.
  2. Liability: While no one anticipates legal issues, it’s essential to protect your business and personal assets in case of unexpected lawsuits from customers, vendors, or employees. Choosing the right structure can provide the necessary protection during litigation.
  3. Capital raising: As your business expands, you may require additional capital for growth, such as expanding operations, acquiring equipment, or hiring more staff. The ease of raising funds and attracting investors depends significantly on your business structure, so choose one that facilitates these financial activities.
  4. Control level: Entrepreneurs have varying preferences regarding involvement in day-to-day operations and long-term management. Whether you prefer hands-on or hands-off management, your business structure can either separate or intertwine ownership and management responsibilities. Choosing a structure that aligns with your preferences and business needs is crucial.


Can I Change My Business Structure After Formation?

Yes, changing your business structure in Austin is possible, but the process involves legal and administrative steps. Consult with a business attorney to understand the implications, tax considerations, and necessary filings for transitioning from one business structure to another.


How Our Austin Business Formation Attorneys Can Help You

Here is how we will help you through every step of the process, ensuring your business is set up for success from the beginning.

Expert Guidance on Entity Selection

Choosing the right business structure is a crucial decision that has lasting implications for your business. Our attorneys will assess your business goals, risk tolerance, and tax considerations to help you determine the most suitable entity, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, S corporation, or C corporation.

Customized Legal Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our attorneys take the time to understand your industry, objectives, and challenges. This personalized approach allows us to tailor our legal advice and services to meet the specific needs of your business, providing you with effective and practical solutions.

Document Preparation and Filing

The paperwork involved in business formation can be overwhelming. Our team takes care of the preparation and filing of all necessary legal documents, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. From articles of incorporation to operating agreements, we handle the details so you can focus on building and growing your business.

Contract Drafting and Review

Clear and well-drafted contracts are essential for protecting your business interests. Our attorneys specialize in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts reflecting your intentions and mitigating potential risks. Whether you’re entering into agreements with vendors, clients, or partners, we ensure your contracts are legally sound and enforceable.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Staying compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape is critical for the success of your business. Our legal team will guide you through the maze of local, state, and federal regulations, helping you navigate potential pitfalls and ensuring that your business operations adhere to all applicable laws.

Strategic Business Planning

Beyond the legal aspects, our Austin business formation attorneys offer strategic business planning services. We work collaboratively with you to develop a comprehensive business plan that aligns with your goals, identifies growth opportunities, and anticipates potential challenges. Our goal is to position your business for long-term success.

To find out more about how we can support you with your business formation, contact us today at (713) 666-1981.


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Attorney Andrew Weisblatt

Mr. Weisblatt has practiced continuously since becoming licensed in 1992 and has represented businesses ranging in size from one person start-up ventures to multi-national corporations employing hundreds of people in multiple countries. From 2005 through 2009 Mr. Weisblatt was in-house counsel and chief operating officer of a multi-national corporation in the steel products industry. That in-house position provided valuable insight into how businesses work and what they actually need from their lawyers – both in-house and outside counsel. Attorney Bio

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