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Businesses large and small run into legal questions and concerns on a regular basis. If not addressed properly and in a timely manner, legal disputes can result in unnecessary and costly liability for your business. It is not always cost-effective to hire in-house legal counsel, but that does not mean you cannot get legal guidance and counsel when you need it. Consider discussing your company’s needs with an experienced Katy, Texas business attorney at the Weisblatt Law Firm.

Business lawyer Andrew Weisblatt works with companies of all types and sizes, from sole proprietorships and small start-ups to well-established multi-national corporations. He has practiced law continuously for more than 25 years, including working as in-house counsel for a large steel products corporation. This position inspired him to start a boutique firm dedicated to helping businesses in the Katy and Houston areas with all of their legal needs. Mr. Weisblatt is proud to have loyal clients and to make media appearances to weigh in on the business law matters.

The legal team of the Weisblatt Law Firm is ready to consult with any business owner about any legal concern. To learn more about our services, please call (713) 666-1981 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Katy Business Statistics

business lawyer in Katy TexasThe Katy area is home to a wide variety of businesses, both large and small. From major energy providers to retail establishments, many companies provide residents of Katy, Texas, and the United States with products and services they want and need. The Katy Economic Development Council reports the following statistics:

These companies account for more than $21 billion in revenue and employ more than 113,000 people. While there are many small operations, there are also more than 200 corporations with headquarters in the region, which are many of the leading employers. Some headquarters include:

Much of the commerce in Katy centers around the Energy Corridor District, with numerous major oil and gas corporations employing more than 40,000.

The economy is becoming more diverse, however, as Katy and surrounding areas are also home to a new FedEx distribution center and an Amazon fulfillment center, which contribute to substantial job growth. The retail industry has also grown significantly to accommodate residential growth in the area since the economy bounced back after 2009.

Whether you run a one-person company out of your home or whether you are an executive at a large, billion-dollar corporation, you are an important contribution to the Katy economy. Business statistics indicate that the economy only continues to grow in the Katy area, with new companies starting and existing companies growing each and every day.

If you are a Katy business owner, do not risk losing important capital due to legal issues. Certain legal issues can threaten your operations and may sometimes result in the closure of your company or even personal losses. Instead, be proactive and discuss your company and its legal needs with the Weisblatt Law Firm today. We help at every stage of business, from implementation to dissolution.

What does a Business Lawyer Do?

Business and Corporate Formation

There are many steps to take when starting a business, whether you have a partnership, an LLC, or a corporation. We can assist with all necessary filings with the Texas Secretary of State, drafting and negotiating partnership agreements, operating agreements, shareholders agreements, bylaws, and more. Our firm also can help ensure your company has all the necessary permits and licenses to begin operations in compliance with Texas and Katy local laws.

Business Contracts

Many types of businesses will use contracts on a regular basis, including operating agreements, bills of sale, sales agreements, purchase orders, warranties, licensing agreements, security agreements, franchise agreements, employment agreements, indemnity agreements, liability releases, leases, and joint venture agreements, among many others. No matter what type of contract you need, it is critical to have that contract drafted or reviewed by a skilled business contracts attorney.

The Weisblatt Law Firm regularly drafts contracts from scratch, adapts existing contracts, or reviews contracts presented by another party. We know how to ensure that the terms of a contract fully protect your rights and do not overstate your obligations. We can also represent you in contract negotiations when necessary to protect you from liability. Should a contract dispute arise, we can help you resolve the matter in the most efficient manner possible.

Business Representation

Our general representation services cover a wide range of legal issues. We can represent your company in almost any legal matter that arises, including:

These are only some examples of how the Weisblatt Law Firm can represent your company in legal matters that arise in the usual course of business.

Business Transactions

Transactions are the basis of almost any business. One party provides goods or services in exchange for capital or another form of payment on a regular basis. Our Katy business lawyers oversee a variety of transactions for our clients, including vendor agreements, contract negotiations and management, mergers and acquisitions, client and customer agreements, and more.

Commercial Real Estate

For many companies in the Katy area, real estate is a major factor in their success. Finding the right commercial property to lease or purchase under favorable terms can increase your customer base and increase sales. On the other hand, signing a commercial lease or making a purchase without the proper legal guidance can result in major losses to your company. Our lawyers handle many commercial real estate matters, including reviewing and drafting commercial leases, overseeing real estate transactions, and resolving commercial real estate disputes.

Employment Issues

For many companies, a strong employment force is key to efficient operations. Whether you have two employees or 2,000, you should take care in all matters involving employment. We regularly help with:

Employment disputes regularly result in significant liability for companies that violated the law or did not have a proper defense against claims.

Legal Disputes

No matter how careful you are, chances are that a legal dispute will arise at some point during the lifespan of your company. Some companies face such disputes on a regular basis. Whether you believe another party acted wrongfully or another party is accusing you of wrongdoing, you need skilled legal representation right away. We regularly handle:

If you believe any type of legal dispute may be on the horizon, you should never wait to discuss the matter with a business attorney. The sooner you have the Weisblatt Law Firm on your side, the sooner we can begin working to resolve the dispute in the most efficient way possible, which can include negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation.

Business Litigation

In some situations, alternative dispute resolution methods are not sufficient to resolve a dispute. The reality is that some businesses must file a lawsuit or may face a lawsuit by another party. The Katy business lawyers at the Weisblatt Law Firm are skilled litigators who are ready to represent your company in court when necessary. Business litigation is a complex process, and whether your case ends in a settlement agreement or goes to trial, we have the skill and experience to protect the rights of your company.

Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

If you are asking this question, chances are you should consult with a lawyer about your questions or concerns. However, you do not have to wait until after concerns or disputes arise to benefit from the help of a skilled Katy business attorney. The right lawyer can often help you take steps to put protections in place that prevent legal disputes from arising in the first place, which can save you time and money.

Are you starting a business? Hiring your first employee? Seeking to sell your company or engage in a merger and acquisition? Considering a commercial real estate lease or purchase? Entering into an important contract? Any of these are good reasons to consult with a business attorney, even though no legal problems exist. In addition, companies that are larger or have more complex operations run increased risks of facing legal disputes, so it is particularly important to seek counsel from an experienced business lawyer.

Finally, if a legal dispute already exists, you should call a business lawyer immediately. Disputes raised by others can quickly escalate into legal action, which can result in significant liability for your company. If someone else’s wrongdoing caused your company losses, you should not wait to get legal assistance so you can seek legal relief.

How an Experienced Texas Business Attorney Can Help You Decrease Costs

One of the most important ways for companies to decrease costs is to reduce legal liability and litigation expenses. One survey regarding the litigation costs of major corporations indicated that the 36 participant companies spent about $4.1 billion on litigation in a single year. That comes out to an average of more than $113 million in revenue lost to litigation for each company.

Litigation can also impact small businesses, according to a research survey by the Small Business Association’s Office of Advocacy. Not only did small business owners pay anywhere from $3,000 to $150,000 in litigation fees, but they also felt the need to cut back operations to recoup such losses. Owners used business assets to cover damages not covered by insurance, and certain owners even had personal assets vulnerable. Overall, litigation caused financial and emotional hardship for many small business owners involved in legal disputes.

As mentioned above, the right attorney can help avoid litigation whenever possible. Whether this includes putting measures in place to avoid disputes or addressing disputes as soon as possible for a more favorable resolution, a Katy business lawyer can help owners of companies large and small decrease costs in many ways.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Business Attorney?

For many company owners, the reason for not calling a business attorney is simple—concern about the cost. You may be surprised to know that hiring a business attorney can often save your company money in the long run, and the fees do not have to be prohibitive. Some large firms may charge exorbitant hourly fees, however, many smaller firms offer flexible and affordable fee structures.

In order to get more specific information regarding the cost of a business attorney, you should not hesitate to call the Weisblatt Law Firm to discuss the specific matter with which you may need assistance. We are always upfront and honest about our fees and never try to add unnecessary costs to our clients.

For More Information, Contact a Katy, Texas, Business Lawyer Today

The legal team at the Weisblatt Law Firm is committed to assisting businesses in the Katy and greater Houston areas with all of their legal needs. We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients, so we get to know your business thoroughly and are ready to help whenever a question may arise. With our Katy business attorneys on your side, you can focus on your operations and growth while we handle any legal concerns.

Do not risk unnecessary costs or losses, call the Weisblatt Law Firm at (713) 666-1981 or contact us online to set up a consultation right away.

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Attorney Andrew Weisblatt

Mr. Weisblatt has practiced continuously since becoming licensed in 1992 and has represented businesses ranging in size from one person start-up ventures to multi-national corporations employing hundreds of people in multiple countries. From 2005 through 2009 Mr. Weisblatt was in-house counsel and chief operating officer of a multi-national corporation in the steel products industry. That in-house position provided valuable insight into how businesses work and what they actually need from their lawyers – both in-house and outside counsel. Attorney Bio

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Houston Business Contracts Attorney

Attorney Andrew Weisblatt

Mr. Weisblatt has practiced continuously since becoming licensed in 1992 and has represented businesses ranging in size from one person start-up ventures to multi-national corporations employing hundreds of people in multiple countries. From 2005 through 2009 Mr. Weisblatt was in-house counsel and chief operating officer of a multi-national corporation in the steel products industry. That in-house position provided valuable insight into how businesses work and what they actually need from their lawyers – both in-house and outside counsel. Attorney Bio

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