businessBusinesses rely on a wide variety of products and services in order to successfully operate. In many situations, businesses wrongfully choose not to fully pay for the goods or services they receive for a variety of reasons. Whether they are unable to pay, are planning to file for bankruptcy, or simply intentionally avoid payment, business debtors can cost other business owners a significant amount of money if they do not pay their business to business (B2B) debts.

If you are a business owner and need assistance in collecting unpaid B2B debts, your first call should be to a business attorney with knowledge of successful B2B collection methods and the laws that regulate this type of collection effort. [1] The following are some examples of cases debts regularly handled by our skilled B2B debt collection attorney:

  • Payments for goods or equipment – Businesses often enter into contracts with suppliers and equipment manufacturers for regular deliveries of goods or to finance large pieces of equipment. If you supplied any goods or equipment to another business, you deserve to be properly compensated.
  • Payment for professional services – Business owners often seek out the services of accountants, consultants, architects, computer information technicians, writers, and other professional services. Anyone who provides a service for a business should be able to receive the agreed-upon fees.
  • Obligations set out in lease agreements – If a company leases a commercial space or leases equipment, it is obligated to pay the proper rental amount on a regular basis as well as any agreed-upon incidental fees set out in the lease agreement. [2] Past-due rent is often at issue in B2B cases.


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