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Subject: Would you rather venture into B2B (Business to Business) serviced based company or a service based B2C (Business to Consumer) company? Why?

Owning a successful business is an American dream for many people. But it isn’t a dream that comes easy and it definitely requires many decisions to even begin the process. If I were to start a business the very first question I would have to ask myself is obviously “What kind of business do I want to have?” In order to answer this, I believe that I would have to decide who I wanted my business to serve. Would I want to have a business serving other businesses or would I want my business to serve the consumer directly?

I will be honest and say that aspiring to own a business is not my career goal. However, I’ve given it much thought while researching this paper. After considerate deliberation I’ve decided that running a business to consumer service based company would be best for me. I chose to directly serve consumers because I believe it would bring me more personal satisfaction and create a better sense of steadiness for future business profits.

One of America’s most successful CEO’s once said “You read a book from beginning to end. You run a business the opposite way. You start with the end, and then you do everything you must to reach it.” I find this quote to be spot on when thinking up a business model. The end goal of starting a business for me would be to be satisfied with what my business offers and to be successful enough to retire someday. In order to reach this goal, I would need to focus on the following two things.

I would want a business that provides a service that truly benefits people, such as a nursing home or a drug rehab center for pregnant teens. Having a business that didn’t directly interact with the people I was serving wouldn’t make me feel wholly satisfied because I wouldn’t be able to see the benefits of my services first hand. I also would want a business that has a very solid foundation for future profits. I feel that a business that served other businesses would tend to be less personal and create a segue for competition to easily replace your services if there is a better price verse better quality.

I feel that businesses that serve other business would involve a less personal business relationship. When I think of these type of businesses all I see is wholesale distributers that don’t sell to anyone but large companies. I feel that B2B serviced based companies are out strictly to make a profit verse get any personally satisfaction or fulfillment from their business services provided.

I also think of what it would be like to be on the other end of the business. How would I view my business as the consumer or business receiving services? If I was working with another business the relationship would be strictly professional. Things that I would consider while working with another business are; do they provide the best price for the services I am seeking? Are they the most efficient company to work with? Are they well established? Do they have a good reputation? On the other hand, if I were a consumer working with a business I would take a more personal view on my interactions with the business. Such as; does this business have a staff that provides the services I need in a way that meets my personal requirements? Do I value the quality of the services I receive from this company more than any monetary value they may require? Does the company have a loyal client base with personal references and reviews?

A world renowned Hungarian psychologist who has worked with countless extremely successful entrepreneurs described owning a business like this; “Many business leaders today view their jobs as entailing responsibility for the welfare of the wider community. These individuals do not define themselves as profit-making machines whose only reason for existing is to satisfy escalating expectation for immediate gain.” “A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms.” This is the moral basis I would want the foundation of my business to be.

In the end I believe that choosing a business to business serviced based company or a service based business to consumer company depends on what your ultimate goal is for your business and for yourself personally. For what I would be looking for I can hands down say that a B2C serviced based company would be the best fit for me.


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