When business owners consider leasing commercial space for their office or business needs, they do not always consider the potential complications that can occur during the negotiation process. That is why it is important to speak to an experienced Houston business real estate attorney to help you through all aspects of the negotiation process.

Issues with Houston business leases[1] that require experienced negotiations include:

  •  Subleasing

Many tenants want the opportunity to sublease their building in the event that a change in circumstances comes up in the future such as financial changes that require the business take a step back from the space in order to save money, or a growing company that needs to move to a different location. Many landlords, however, see subleasing as a potential risk because the person who subleases the space may not be financially responsible and this could mean a monetary loss for the landlord.

  • Operating Expenses

When a business tenant operates in the entire building they have responsibility for all of the expenses. In many instances, however, tenants share an area which makes it less clear who is responsible for which operating expenses. This is a critical area of negotiation as the costs can have a significant effect on the bottom line of a new or even established business.

  • Maintenance Responsibility

The maintenance of the building is another area of concern for business owners. Some Houston business owners want the freedom to make changes or repairs while other tenants do not want the financial obligation included with regular maintenance. The issue must be skillfully negotiated so that repairs are made quickly and without disagreement over who is responsible.

  • Use of Premises

The use of the property can be the focal point of any commercial lease. Some commercial real estate owners do not want certain types of business in their building and it is imperative that the potential tenant understands what is acceptable.

It can be difficult for any business owner to negotiate a commercial real estate lease especially when the owner is using their time and efforts to run a business. It is important to speak to the skilled Houston attorneys at the Weisblatt Law Firm who are well-versed in commercial real estate and can help you through the lease negotiating phase of your business. Contact our office today at 713-666-1981.


[1] https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov/Docs/PR/htm/PR.93.htm

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