When you start a business, one of the most important decisions you will make is what to name your company. A carefully chosen business name is imperative to build an identifiable brand and also to avoid any legal disputes. While many people may think that simply having a catchy name is enough, there are many other factors you must consider. An experienced business attorney can always walk you through the name selection process and make sure that you are making a legally sound choice. The following are some examples of steps to take when deciding on a name.

Check for existing trademarks

Imagine that you choose a name, build a customer base, and then receive notice that another company is threatening legal action for a trademark violation because they have already registered a trademark for your name. A simple search on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Electronic Search System[1] can help you determine whether your potential business name is available.

Check the internet

For your business, you will likely want to have a website and social media pages to help with low or no-cost advertising. You should conduct a search of available domain names and social media profiles before choosing a name.

Register the name

Once you have selected a name, you will have to register it with the Texas Secretary of State.[2] You will also want to apply to register a trademark for the brand so that you are legally protected from infringement.

An experienced Houston business attorney can help you

As a business owner, you will likely have many legal questions from the first day of operations until the day you close your doors or sell your ownership. Having an experienced lawyer who understands the nature of your business, knows your goals, and truly works to foster your success is invaluable for any business owner. Whether you need to choose a name or complete a merger or acquisition, please call business lawyer Andrew Weisblatt for help today. At the Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC, we value each and every client and will help you make the best business decisions possible. Call us at 713-666-1981 to schedule a consultation.



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