Zoning laws have an impact on where you will locate your business. They determine whether you will make an investment in a certain neighborhood or will go elsewhere. Zoning laws vary from one community to the next. They are designed to protect public health and safety by designating what activities you can do where.

Governments enact and enforce zoning laws as part of public health and safety protections. For example, you would not want a waste management facility right by your house or a noisy factory right by a school or library. Some industries present hazards, and zoning laws distance those hazards from residential areas. There are different types of zoning laws, including:

  • Residential: These are areas where people are allowed to live. You will find single-family, multifamily housing, apartments, and duplexes in these areas.
  • Commercial: This is a business area where you will find commerce taking place in retail stores, offices, and restaurants.
  • Agricultural: These areas allow you to farm, raise livestock, and do similar activities.
  • Industrial: This is where large warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers are located.
  • Recreational: These are locations where you can relax and enjoy different activities in stadiums, parks, and places for entertainment and sporting events.
  • Mixed-use: These are places where different activities can occur such as residential and commercial blending together. You will see different retail businesses that cater to the homes around them.
  • Single-use: This is when the entire area is zoned for only one type of activity, such as residential or commercial usage.

These designations offer general guidelines about the classification of the area and what activities are allowed.

Some areas can have mixed-use zoning laws, so a house could be on the same block as a business. Other areas are strictly zoned for a single use, so you cannot have a house right between a strip mall and a restaurant, or a business in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Conditional Use Requirements

Zoning laws can include specific regulations and restrictions that state what you can do on the property. These are referred to as conditional use requirements. They place restrictions on noise, parking, the size of the property, and environmental requirements.

In the case of businesses, this can have an impact on a range of things, from the size of their signs to the number of available parking spaces. You can avoid these challenges by getting two kinds of exceptions:

  • Variance: A variance is a waiver granted from certain provisions in zoning laws. It allows you to avoid complying with this portion because of the possible harm these changes will do to you. You must show that the harm will occur and the possible impacts on you in order to receive a variance.
  • Non-conforming use permits: These are permits issued by planning and development authorities that excuse you from following a specific portion of the zoning laws.

Both of these are non-transferable and only apply to the parties that originally sought the relief. In other words, you can’t pass these on to your heirs or another party if you die or sell the property. Variances and non-conforming use permits will give you – and no one else — protection against specific parts of the zoning laws.

These are temporary solutions that will not change the long-term realities of your property. A good approach is to always ensure that you are complying with all zoning laws. This avoids costly penalties, fines, civil lawsuits, and interruptions to your operation.

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