No matter what size your business may be or how many employees you have, an employee handbook can prove to be an important tool and your experienced business attorney can assist you with creating it. An employee handbook can prove useful in many situations, particularly should litigation ensue between an employee and the employer. One of the biggest risks organizations face today are employee-related lawsuits. These suits involve allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination, overtime disputes, failure to promote, among others.

In addition to proper record keeping of all employee’s records and underlying documentation, a well-documented employee handbook outlining clear procedures can be a tremendous asset to your business. Clearly outlined procedures involving hiring, employee performance evaluations, benefits and sexual harassment training to termination policies can be helpful to the employer to demonstrate that it clearly relied on its outlined policies in any disputes between employer and employee.

What to Include in Your Handbook

When creating your employee handbook, the following basic components should be included:

  • General employment information providing information on the business and outlining the company’s basic policies relating to employment eligibility, job classifications, employee referrals, employee records, background checks, and job posting processes.
  • At-will or non-at-will employment policies.
  • Company procedures regarding pay and salaries, company policies as to work hours and schedules, attendance, punctuality, overtime pay, pay schedules and reporting absences.
  • Paid or unpaid leave policies, employee benefits as well as the company’s commitment to safety and security of its employees.
  • Standards of conduct, safety rules and regulations, use of computers and technology.
  • Disciplinary policies, termination and resignation procedures.
  • Anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policies with the employee handbook clearly and unequivocally stating that the company has zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination of any kind.
  • Procedures for reporting harassment and discrimination as well as outlining the company’s procedures for investigating allegations.

Discuss Your Employee Handbook with an Experienced Houston Business Attorney

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