Many of us have “Tiles” attached to our keys and in our wallets so that we can locate our important possessions by using the Bluetooth on our phones. You may not realize, however, that Tile began as a side project. One day, the developers started a Kickstarter and raised $200,000 in the first 24 hours. They worked to spread the word about the product and campaign and eventually, they raised $2.6 million.

Tile is far from the only startup to become a million-dollar company through crowdfunding. Many people with startup ideas wonder whether crowdfunding may be the right choice to get their business off the ground. In one article, a startup owner gives the opinion that every startup should utilize crowdfunding platforms – not only to raise funds but also for exposure and to build an initial client base. This can be helpful even if you have other sources of funding for your enterprise already. Crowdfunding can help you gain loyal users instead of passive viewers, as well as some extra cash.

So how do you go about crowdfunding? It is not as simple as throwing information up on a website and hoping the money starts flowing in. The following are all important:

  • Know every inch and aspect of your product
  • Know who you want as your client base
  • Develop a perfect sales pitch
  • Seek out a diverse group of investors
  • Assure your investors, then reassure them
  • Use email, social media, and word of mouth to spread the word about your business and campaign
  • Network and advertise
  • Be innovative, as originality attracts investors
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Develop and business plan
  • Know that companies of all sizes have benefitted from crowdfunding

While crowdfunding can be beneficial, it is often most successful when used in conjunction with other sources of funding, such as angel investors or venture capitalists. Also, continually distinguish yourself from other companies, as innovation is always key. You may want to remain open to the possibility of having your company acquired, as even an offer of purchase can give power to your startup.

It cannot be stressed enough that startups should always innovate, innovate, innovate. Google has a self-driving car, Apple is getting involved in healthcare, and Facebook is constantly rolling out new advertising platforms. These major corporations do not rest on their laurels, and neither should you. Your loyal fan base from your crowdfunding campaign will likely ride the waves of innovation with you.

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