Any business which hires employees – or even a single employee – faces the possibility of complaints which could expose it to legal liability. With an effective and proactive strategy, employers can reduce the risk of facing employee complaints, and mitigate the potential for liability when they do occur.

  • It is important for a business to have a strong written policy prohibiting discrimination and harassment in the workplace. While this will not guarantee that such complaints will never occur, it does strengthen the employer’s position that the company prohibited such behavior. Clear written guidelines should also be established for employee behavior and job performance expectations. This strengthens an employer’s ability to discipline an employee for such violations without being accused of discrimination or harassment.
  • Documentation can make an attorney’s job infinitely easier. By clearly documenting any infractions by – or disciplinary measures taken against – an employee, disputes can be resolved more quickly and with lower attorney’s fees.
  • Communication in the workplace is critical to resolving employee complaints. An employee who is able to voice and resolve concerns is less likely to sue his or employer than the employee who does not. Again, any such communication should be documented carefully in the event that it is later disputed.
  • If your business does not have an employee dedicated to human resources, it should nonetheless appoint an officer or manager to oversee HR issues. This will ensure that someone is available to manage employee communication. Having a person assigned to this function can also ensure that employee problems are identified and managed early, and that workplace law is being observed within the company. A company accused of violating workplace law is less likely to be found liable if it has appointed someone to that specific task.    

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