Whether your business is the landlord or tenant, a commercial leasehold agreement can carry significant financial and legal consequences for both the business and the individuals involved. Attorney Andrew Weisblatt has been representing businesses in lease negotiations since 1992. He will ensure that your Houston area lease negotiation protects all your business and personal interests.

There are many terms to negotiate in a written leasehold agreement.

  • Personal liability: Landlords often seek added security by requiring a guarantor, or an individual who enters into the lease on behalf of the organization. The extent of this liability can be negotiated and settled in advance.
  • Length of the lease period: This can include any procedures for renewal, including any rent-to-purchase options, automatic renewal, or other terms to which the parties agree.
  • The exact services and premises covered by the lease: Will the landlord pay for any utilities or maintenance? Are any outdoor areas covered by the lease? Do they require landscaping or lawn maintenance?
  • Fixtures: Is the tenant permitted to install fixtures? Is there a limit to the alterations he or she may make? What will happen to fixtures after the tenant vacates the leased premises?
  • Assignment/sublets: Does the landlord wish to limit the tenant’s ability to assign his or her lease agreement, or sublet the premises? Has the landlord complied with Texas law in doing so?
  • Legally screening tenants: The Fair Housing Act only applies to “dwellings”, and commercial property is, therefore, (generally) exempted from its provisions. Nonetheless, discriminatory statements or rental practices can still expose commercial property owners to legal liability. Improper credit checks – or negligent use of the information obtained in such a credit check – can also result in liability.

An Experienced Business Law Attorney to Protect Your Business Interests in a Commercial Lease

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