Most businesses large and small collect some type of digital information from consumers or prospective customers. Once your company collects sensitive information, you must be very careful how you store, use, and disclose that information. There are a number of data privacy laws with which you must comply and violating such laws can result in serious consequences.

Data privacy laws are complicated as there are many different and scattered applicable regulations instead of one comprehensive regulatory scheme. These laws can apply to different types of consumer information and you should always discuss your specific information collection with an experienced attorney who can advise you regarding legal compliance. The following are some laws that may apply to your digital consumer data collection:

In addition, there are numerous state and international laws that address data privacy.

Violations of Data Privacy Laws

Non-compliance with data privacy laws can lead to problems with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Texas Attorney General’s office. If an investigation uncovers violations, your company may face civil penalties and sanctions. The government may then want to supervise an overhaul of your data privacy procedures to ensure that your business will be in full compliance will all relevant laws going forward.

If a violation resulted in a cybersecurity incident, the consumers whose data was released may take legal action against your company. Such cases may involve numerous consumers and can result in costly litigation and civil judgments against your company.

While facing civil penalties or data breach lawsuits can be costly, perhaps the most serious consequence of data security issues is the hit to your company’s reputation. Cybersecurity problems can lead consumers to believe that your company does not take their privacy and security seriously. News can spread fast regarding a security breach and you may lose business. It is easier to ensure compliance from the beginning to prevent a data security breach than it is to rebuild a reputation. Knowing about data privacy laws will not only protect your business from civil or legal liability but can also protect your reputation and your bottom line.

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