Businesses of all sizes must comply with a variety of laws and regulations on both the state level and the federal level. These regulations can involve having proper licenses and permits, meeting certain standards of operations for health and public safety, the compensation and treatment of employees, and more.

Even the most careful business owner may discover he or she has made a mistake and unintentionally been noncompliant with a particular law. In addition, even if you have never violated any regulations, authorities may receive false information, or there may be a misunderstanding that leads them to believe you have engaged in a violation. Whatever the reason, there may be a day when investigators from a state or federal agency show up at your company’s door.

In this situation, it is natural to be unsure of what to do or how to proceed. You may be inclined to believe everything the investigators say, but, rest assured, their main priority is to gather evidence to support their allegations. The following are some important things to remember:

  • You do not have to allow investigators to come into your business unless they have a proper warrant.
  • Not letting them in is not a sign of guilt but instead an indication that you want to be prepared to speak with them and have the proper documentation to support your position.
  • If they act like they are your friends, they are pretending.

Accusations can result in significant civil penalties and legal liability. If you believe you may be facing a violation, you should speak with a business attorney immediately who will protect your rights and defend against penalties whenever possible. Furthermore, the best way to avoid such issues is to retain a business attorney who can ensure you are in full compliance with all relevant business laws.

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