As a business owner, you certainly understand that being able to collect on your business debts is an essential part of your financial success. Whether you sell goods or services, you certainly didn’t go into business to give your products or time away for free.

Of course, you also want to collect the money you are owed as quickly as possible, especially when a debt is already past due. Unfortunately, there are things that you can do as a business owner that can delay your collection efforts and those of anyone you hire to collect a debt on your behalf. Three of the most common are detailed below.

Failing to Keep Proper Documentation

One of the most common things that creates an unnecessary delay in the collection of a business debt is failing to keep documentation that establishes the validity of the debt. Examples of the kinds of documents that can be useful include contracts,1 purchase orders, invoices, receipts, and any other document that establishes that a transaction occurred.

Trying to Collect Debts Yourself

If you are a relatively small business and operate on a personal level, you may be trying to collect business debts from people who consider you an acquaintance or even a friend in addition to a business contact. Attempts at collection may come across as suggestions rather than demands, and your debtors may (perhaps correctly) believe that you are not going to file a lawsuit or report them to a credit agency. When you have a third party collect your debts, it shows that you are serious and also allows you a layer of separation in the event that your debtor becomes upset that you are engaging in collection efforts.

Letting a Debt get Older

It is a common understanding among the debt collection community that the older a debt is, the harder it is to collect. In addition, if you wait long enough, you may just incentivize your debtor to simply try and let the statute of limitations2 run rather than address the debt head on.

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