Many corporate entities decide to merge with other corporate entities when it becomes clear that it is mutually beneficial to do so. A corporate merger is a complicated process with many moving parts. The merger process should be approached with professionals who have experience in corporate mergers, such as the Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC. What benefit does retaining a business attorney provide to a corporate merger?

Minimization of Risk

Attorneys excel at minimizing risk. Risk is an inherent part of a corporate merger. Corporate entities can have tremendous value, and that value can be lost or destroyed by a failure in the merger process. For instance, a great business attorney will make sure that all parts of the merger agreement are being upheld so that no party will be held in default, or worse, having the deal fall through altogether. When mergers fall through litigation among the parties often ensues. This can be avoided with an attorney that is a dealmaker, not a deal-breaker. Attorney Andrew Weisblatt is a dealmaker who will strive to avoid litigation unless there is no other alternative.


Mergers require interaction with various government agencies. A great many forms will need to be filed with government agencies to recognize the merger and move forward with the new corporate entity. A failure in the application process may mean lost time or lost revenue, or both. Time is critical in a merger and you want an attorney that knows exactly what to file and when to file to ensure that there will be no government resistance to the merger. The Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC is experienced in the necessary filings for a corporate merger and will make sure everything is done in a timely manner.


When corporate entities decide to go it alone, without the help of an attorney, the process can often end up taking longer. Since a business attorney assists many corporate entities in the merger process, he or she knows how to efficiently complete a merger. Of course, this involves timely making government filings and minimizing conflict among parties, but it also involves keeping all parties on task and providing the inherent legal framework to a merger.

Legal Framework

A business attorney will provide a legal framework to the merger process that is both necessary and complementary to the merger. The legal framework is an outline that recognizes all parties’ rights, duties, and obligations under the merger agreement. It will be made clear as to what steps every party must take in the merger, and what penalties exist for failure to perform under the merger agreement. This facilitates the merger by ensuring that everyone is actively seeking the success of the merger.

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