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Reviewing and Negotiating Many Types of Business Contracts

Every type of business in Houston relies on contracts to govern many aspects of their operations. A contract will not only clearly set out your responsibilities under the agreement, but it will also provide rights and protections for your company, as well. However, signing a contract with the wrong provisions can lead to extensive liability and losses, which can wreak havoc on your bottom line or even be the end of your enterprise.

While signing contracts may be second nature to you as part of your job, always keep in mind the effect a single unfavorable contract can have on your overall business. It is essential that you have an experienced Houston business contract lawyer carefully review your contracts with your company’s best interests in mind. Contact attorney Andrew Weisblatt at The Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC for more information about our contract review services.

Reviewing a Wide Variety of Business Contracts

Contracts arise in many different aspects of business and transactions. You can have contracts with clients, owners, vendors, contractors, employees, and much more. Our law firm regularly assists all types of companies by reviewing many types of contracts, including:

If someone else presents a contract for you to sign, always assume they tried to skew the terms in their favor. You need a careful eye to scrutinize the legalese in every contract provision to identify when a term or terms may put your business at risk.

On the other hand, you should also have an attorney review the contracts that you traditionally present to others. Many business owners use boilerplate contracts that do not necessarily address all the necessary issues of a unique situation. Similarly, if you use the same contracts over and over, the circumstances of the agreement may change while the contract will not, which can possibly expose your company to unnecessary risk and liability. In addition, Texas business laws may change while your contract does not, which might render certain terms unenforceable.

No matter what type of business contract you have and whether you or another party drafted the contract, you should have our experienced attorney closely review the agreement before you sign anything.

Contract Review You Can Trust

It is all too easy to skim a contract, assume it “looks good,” and sign on the dotted line to get the deal going. However, while you are skimming, you may miss important details that you otherwise would never agree to. The following are only some of many complex terms we review for our clients:

Of course, there will be additional terms depending on the nature of your transaction and agreement. Never mistake any contract provisions as “meaningless” or “unimportant,” as those provisions could affect your business if something goes awry.

Negotiating Contract Terms

If we find terms in an agreement that seem potentially unfavorable, it does not necessarily mean the deal is off. Before you sign an agreement, you have the opportunity to suggest a compromise or changes regarding certain terms. If terms inaccurately describe the agreement, you can point out what needs to be adjusted. By negotiating concerning terms, you can end up with a contract that works for all parties, which often improves the entire contractual relationship.

If the party agrees to amend the terms, we can review the contract again to ensure all negotiated changes occurred. If the party does not agree to your terms, we can assist in ongoing negotiations to see if we can reach a middle ground. Expressing concern about contract provisions does not have to be the end of a transaction. In fact, smart business dealings often show the other party your business IQ—and that they cannot take advantage of your company.

Learn How Our Houston Business Contracts Lawyer Can Assist Your Company

Businesses in Houston are often parties to many, many different contracts at once. You do not have time to painstakingly review each term and decipher the often confusing legal language that contracts often involve. Leave the contract review to The Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC. Call (713) 352-0847 or contact the firm online to discuss our business law services today.

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