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When your company needs to hire employees, there are many considerations. You want to be in compliance with all relevant federal and Texas employment laws, but you also want to protect your company’s interests in case of an employee’s misconduct. Texas law generally recognizes “at will” employment, which allows either your company or the employee to terminate the relationship for any lawful reason at any time. This type of employment is not appropriate or beneficial in every situation, however, and you may want to consider having certain individuals sign employment contracts.

At The Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC, we have experience advising businesses of all types and sizes regarding many different employment matters. We have a thorough understanding of labor laws and possible employment disputes that may arise, and we can help draft effective employment contracts with these legal issues in mind. We draft contracts for startups, small businesses, corporations, contract agencies, and more. Contact us today to discuss whether you need an employment contract and our contract drafting services.

About Employment Contracts

Employment relationships can originate in different ways. You can orally agree to an employment relationship, have an implied contract based on employment handbooks and policies, or have an express employment contract signed by you and the employee. No matter how the relationship occurs, you want employees to have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities, as well as protect your company from unnecessary liability.

Hiring new employees can be stressful, but you can rest easier if you have a carefully drafted and executed employment contract. Such contracts can also take much of the stress out of terminating employees, as long as you do so in the appropriate manner and in accordance with the law and the contract. A sound employment contract can serve as an important protection for your business from employee complaints and legal action.

When both parties understand and agree to the terms of a contract, the terms go into effect and govern the relationship. Having a mutual agreement between your company and your employees can improve the working relationship, as you both fully recognize the nature of the relationship. However, you always want to ensure that your contract does not have unfavorable terms to your business and that it comprehensively addresses all necessary issues. This is where an experienced business attorney in Houston can help.

Common Elements of Employment Contracts

When it comes to an employment contract, it regularly will eliminate the “at will” aspect of the employment relationship. With at-will employment, either party can terminate the relationship without citing good cause. This means you can terminate an employee because you simply do not get along or an employee could walk out the door at any time without penalty. This is often not the best situation for your company. For example, if you invest substantial resources to train and prepare new employees, you do not want them to simply quit for no reason a few weeks later.

Many employment contracts have specific terms of employment. While the contract is in effect, the terms generally require either the company or the employee to have good cause for terminating the relationship. The contract may also specify what constitutes good cause. This can help reduce turnover and ensure that good employees will remain with you for a certain time period, as well as giving the employee a greater sense of job security.

A contract should also address specific aspects of employment, including:

While the details may vary from contract to contract, they should always be set forth in clear and unequivocal terms so the employee cannot argue about the terms at a later date. If you offer bonus potential as an incentive, you should specifically explain the criteria to receive the bonus in your contract terms.

The contract should address termination, including the possible reasons for termination, possible severance packages, and the consequences if either party terminates the contract without cause too early.

Protecting Your Business

Aside from simply informing the employee about the terms of their employment, this type of contract can also include highly important protections for your company. Such protections include:

Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements can be controversial matters, and former employees regularly challenge the enforceability of these agreements they signed. You want to ensure your contract is drafted by a skilled lawyer who understands how to ensure you can enforce the provisions of your contract under Texas law.

A contract can also set out numerous policies of your company, including anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, as well as disciplinary policies. This way, it makes it more challenging for an employee to accuse your business of unfair treatment or allowing a discriminatory or harassing environment.

Contact Our Houston Employment Contracts Lawyers for More Information

Employment contracts can be beneficial for both employers and employees in many situations. However, a poorly-written contract can be much worse than having no contract at all. You want to ensure that you have a skillfully drafted contract to present to prospective employees that addresses all necessary matters. Furthermore, if an employee wants to negotiate the terms of a contract, you should seek the advice of an experienced attorney regarding the possible effects of the employee’s wishes. Call The Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC, at (713) 352-0847 or contact the firm online today.

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