Getting The Faqs OnlineMany businesses operate either solely or partially in a business-to-business market, where their customers and clients are other business entities. [1] When businesses are reluctant to pay their debts, creditors often turn to a business-to-business collection attorney to ensure that their accounts receivable are paid. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding collecting a debt from a business. People with specific questions should consult with a Houston B2B debt collection attorney as soon as possible.

Are business-to-business collections different than collections involving individuals?

Yes. There are often special considerations when attempting to collect a debt from another business, particularly when there is an ongoing and valuable business relationship at stake. Additionally, special legal rules are often at issue when a debtor is a business rather than an individual.

Will I have to file a lawsuit in order to collect on a debt?

No, but in some cases, it may become necessary. In many instances, the simple fact that an attorney has become involved at all in the matter is enough to induce a debtor to pay. Additionally, there are many ways to escalate collection attempts without resorting to filing a lawsuit. [2] For example, an experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a repayment plan that is acceptable to both parties.

Do I need to hire an attorney to collect on a business debt?

While some people feel comfortable firmly asking for money they are owed and doing so repeatedly, others are not. Additionally, when there is personal relationship as well as a business relationship, communication can quickly become difficult. Hiring an attorney to assist in business-to-business debt collection can often alleviate these issues and make the debt collection process quicker and more efficient.6

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Effective billing and debt collection techniques are essential to the success of any business venture. In many instances, the advice of an attorney can help a business owner implement procedures, policies, and customer contracts that maximize their ability to collect on business debts. Additionally, the representation of a business lawyer is critical in cases where it becomes necessary to go to court to collect a debt. To schedule a consultation with Houston Attorney Andrew Weisblatt, call our office today at 713-666-1981.



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