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Technology and Business Law

Technology and business law is rapidly expanding and changing in Texas and across the country. Technology law encompasses areas like intellectual property, consumer protection, free speech, and privacy. Texas business law establishes the framework for how Texas corporations and other business organizations are structured and run. Technology and business law… Continued

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The Corporate Structure

Forming a Texas business can be an exciting venture. However, given the complexities of the law in this area, it is important that you have legal counsel on your side at every stage of the game. Houston business attorney Andrew Weisblatt of The Weisblatt Law Firm, LLC understands the complexities… Continued

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How an Attorney Helps in a Corporate Merger

Many corporate entities decide to merge with other corporate entities when it becomes clear that it is mutually beneficial to do so. A corporate merger is a complicated process with many moving parts. The merger process should be approached with professionals who have experience in corporate mergers, such as the… Continued

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Make Sure You Pay Your Employees Necessary Overtime

As a successful business owner, you might have employees, and those employees work hard. They are productive and put in long hours to make sure your operation is running smoothly. You want to keep them happy and productive, as well as being in compliance with the applicable labor laws. One… Continued

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What Happens When a Sole Proprietor Cannot Pay Business Debts?

A great many business owners own their business as a sole proprietorship. After all, it is the default form of business ownership if a person does not take any further steps to create a business entity other than setting up shop. But this is a dangerous practice with many pitfalls… Continued

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Should You Trademark Your Business Name?

If you are a new, successful business owner, you have most likely considered whether you should trademark your business name. After all, you want people to think of your business when they hear your business name, not some competitor with an inferior product or service. Or worse, what if a… Continued

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Dissolving an LLC in Texas

When you are ready to stop doing business, you cannot simply stop operations of your limited liability company (LLC) and walk away. Instead, there are many requirements for dissolution of an LLC under the law. Many states have a specific LLC Act, however, Texas does not. Instead, you must comply… Continued

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Writing a Secure Privacy Policy

With data breaches and cybercrime constantly making headlines, it essential for every business to ensure that it has a strong secure privacy policy. With Mark Zuckerberg testifying in front of Congress regarding privacy policies, you can be sure that agencies are taking this issue very seriously. What is a Privacy… Continued

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Is Crowdfunding the Right Choice for Your Startup?

Many of us have “Tiles” attached to our keys and in our wallets so that we can locate our important possessions by using the Bluetooth on our phones. You may not realize, however, that Tile began as a side project. One day, the developers started a Kickstarter and raised $200,000… Continued

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How Much Power Do Stockholders Have?

Most people associate the electoral college system with the United States presidential election. You might not be aware that most of those who hold stock in a company also participate in a system much like the electoral college each time they vote for a board of directors. If this is… Continued

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