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Giving Your Employees Time Off

If you hire employees for your business, there are a number of federal and Texas laws with which you must comply. These laws involve wages, overtime, anti-discrimination, taxes, and more. One important issue that you will face is deciding how and when you will give your employees time off work…. Continued

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When Other Legal Issues Affect Your Business

Every business owner should be aware of the numerous laws and regulations that apply to their company. You should also understand any potential legal liability issues you may have with employees or consumers and take steps to avoid them. However, many company owners are surprised when other seemingly unrelated legal… Continued

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Understanding Data Privacy Laws

Most businesses large and small collect some type of digital information from consumers or prospective customers. Once your company collects sensitive information, you must be very careful how you store, use, and disclose that information. There are a number of data privacy laws with which you must comply and violating… Continued

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The Basics of Non-Disclosure Agreements

In business, there are many situations in which you may benefit from sharing confidential information with another party on a conditional basis. For example, many businesses that operate in the Houston area and throughout the state of Texas operate using proprietary information that provides them with an advantage in the… Continued

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The Importance of Treating Your Independent Contractors Like Independent Contractors

Many businesses employ people in a variety of capacities, and the use of independent contractors in business is nothing new. Employers often use service providers on an as-needed to basis to accomplish certain tasks on a regular basis, and the internet has created a “gig economy” that has significantly altered… Continued

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Texas Limited Liability Company FAQ

What Is a Limited Liability Company? A limited liability company, or LLC, is a business entity that is formed under state law that combines characteristics of a corporation and a partnership. They are similar to corporations in that an LLC’s members are not liable for the debts of the business,… Continued

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The Basics of an Operating Agreement

When forming a limited liability company (LLC), one of the most important steps to establish a clear and effective operating agreement. An operating agreement is a document that sets out guidelines regarding the way that the business is going to be run. While Texas Law does not require an LLC… Continued

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Tips for Selling Your Company

Selling your company can be a wise and lucrative business decision, however, mergers and acquisitions are always complicated endeavors for Texas companies. With the right legal advice and strategy, you can ensure a sale goes through with fewer complications and maximized profits. The following are some tips for selling your… Continued

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Establishing a Hedge Fund

A hedge fund can be a risky endeavor, just like any type of business enterprise. However, with the right planning and strategy for growth, a hedge fund can be supported by sound investments and accredited investors. It is important to have the advice and guidance of a highly skilled business… Continued

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Protecting Consumer Data

As technology has led to new methods of large-scale information and identity theft, protecting consumer data has become a primary concern for businesses large and small. Privacy laws are continually being amended and updated to increase a company’s legal duty of care when it comes to handling, storing, and protecting… Continued

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