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How an Employee Handbook Can Limit Employer Liability

Employers face potential liability for any action committed by workers within the scope of employment. This opens the door to all types of claims against an employer, simply based on the actions of its employees. Employers can, however, mitigate this risk by putting a comprehensive infrastructure in place to govern… Continued

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How a Non-Compete Agreement Can Protect Your Business

Texas businesses hold legal interests in complex combinations of intellectual property. Many tools can protect these business assets, and businesses can tailor these protections to their specific needs and assets. One popular form of protection is the non-compete agreement. Learn more about the operation of a non-compete agreement, and how… Continued

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Buying a Business in Texas

The process of buying a business can overwhelm any entrepreneur. It also exposes the owner and the business to legal liabilities. With sound legal advice and effective planning, however, you can mitigate these risks and reduce the potential for wasted investments, litigation fees, and impaired business operations. An experienced Texas… Continued

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Does Your Business Have the Right Permits?

Government regulations affect businesses of all types and sizes. Complying with federal, state, county, city, and local regulations can intimidate even the most experienced business owners. Operating without the proper permits can expose a business to administrative penalties (such as suspension of a business license), fines, and even criminal penalties…. Continued

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Types of Insurance Policies for Businesses

Houston businesses are exposed to many different types of losses during the course of their daily operations. With appropriate insurance coverage and risk management strategies, however, they can maintain profitable operations. Houston business attorney Andrew Weisblatt can help you find the right loss mitigation strategies for your business. Read on… Continued

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Why a Written Contract Is Better Than a Handshake

Every day, Houston business owners conduct transactions that call for the exchange of vast amounts of goods, services, and finances. They complete many of these transactions without complications—but not others. When ambiguities arise, the parties can waste time and money attempting to resolve the issue. A clear, enforceable written contract… Continued

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How to Resolve Partnership Disputes

It is almost inevitable that business owners will encounter disputes with their partners. When that happens, many different methods can resolve a dispute while protecting each partner’s legal interests. When done carefully and properly, dispute resolution can protect each partner’s legal interests without hurting the daily operations of the business…. Continued

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When Will a Contract Go to Court?

Business contracts can be complicated, and they can be challenged, disputed, misinterpreted, and deconstructed in many ways. These disputes waste significant amounts of time and money. More importantly, they jeopardize the legal interests and financial health of the businesses involved. An experienced Texas business attorney, however, can draft your contracts… Continued

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How a Business Attorney Can Help Your Startup

Starting a new business can be a daunting challenge for even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur. With the right tools for administrative and regulatory needs, you can prepare your business for success while you focus on the creativity and passion that lead you into your venture. Consult an experienced Texas business… Continued

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Keep up With Your Corporate Filings

A Texas corporation must file a lot of paperwork to stay in compliance and enjoy the legal protections of corporate status. Even after a business entity has been properly formed, ongoing annual reports and other documents must be filed with the Secretary of State. Failure to do so can waste… Continued

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