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Choosing a Business Entity – Do You Need a Lawyer?

When you start a new business, the business entity you choose can have an impact whether your venture fails or succeeds and your own personal liability for business debts. In addition, if choosing an inappropriate entity does not result in failure, it can certainly cause significant problems that could have… Continued

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Zika and Your Business

The spread of the Zika virus in many parts of the world – now including Florida, according to the CDC1 – has caused alarm because of the tragic effects the virus can have if a pregnant woman passes it on to her fetus. Because Zika is only contracted by mosquito… Continued

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3 Things that can Delay Your Business to Business Collection Efforts

As a business owner, you certainly understand that being able to collect on your business debts is an essential part of your financial success. Whether you sell goods or services, you certainly didn’t go into business to give your products or time away for free. Of course, you also want… Continued

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Changing Ownership of a Houston Business

Change happens, and your business will face change in the future. How you manage change as a business owner will impact your company’s success and it is important that you are prepared because it all comes down to planning. Regardless of whether you are selling a business interest, giving it… Continued

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Understanding Houston Easements

Houston commercial property owners may find it necessary to access property owned by someone else for certain reasons. When this is due to the ability to access another place or a public road, an easement may be granted or created. Texas A&M University[1] describes an easement as: “a right, privilege… Continued

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Hiring the Best Employees for Your Houston Business

Business owners searching for the best job candidates for their Houston companies know how hard hiring the right people can be and also how important those decisions are for their businesses. While understanding that not every new hire will work out, there are steps every Houston business owner should consider… Continued

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Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Houston Business Debts

As a business owner, you need to have the money that is owed to you paid on time. The overall success of your business and your bottom line likely depend on being paid in a timely fashion. But what are the rules for collecting that money from your clients and… Continued

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3 Reasons You Need a Houston Commercial Debt Collection Attorney

If you own a Houston business, you likely have other businesses that owe you money ranging from clients to suppliers. So how does your business make arrangements to collect that money? Whether you are a fledgling entrepreneur or have been in business for yourself for a number of years, many… Continued

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Houston Business Disputes

Operating a business is as much about relationships as it is about the products or services that are sold. Interactions with everyone from customers to vendors contribute to the success of the business. When disputes arise both sides need to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible to help preserve… Continued

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4 Common Issues with Houston Business Leases

When business owners consider leasing commercial space for their office or business needs, they do not always consider the potential complications that can occur during the negotiation process. That is why it is important to speak to an experienced Houston business real estate attorney to help you through all aspects… Continued

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