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My Business Is Owed a Debt: What Are My Rights as a Creditor?

When a business’s customer fails to pay his or her debts, the business, as a creditor, has several available remedies to help collect the money from the customer, the debtor.   “Self-Help” Remedies and Collection Agencies First, the creditor may simply contact the debtor directly and demand payment.  If these… Continued

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What are my chances of successfully collecting debt from a bankrupt customer?

Attempting to recover a debt from a customer can be very challenging, and business owners have a difficult choice to make when a customer does not pay their bill: do you pursue the customer or not? What happens when the customer files bankruptcy? At that point, you have to decide… Continued

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How to Collect From Late Paying Customers

Usually, debt collection for small businesses involves collecting money owed from customers and clients. These customers and clients generally fall into the following three categories: Customers who will do whatever it takes to avoid paying. Customers who have several payments due at once and pay them sporadically. Customers that normally… Continued

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Saving Small Businesses: Keep Your Cash!

It can be difficult for small businesses to thrive during tough times when customers are few and far between. One of the best ways to make money is to NOT SPEND ANY OF IT! Here are a few tips for small businesses that want to reduce their monthly spend: Ask… Continued

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Basics to Enforcing Business Debt Judgments

While the process of obtaining a judgement through business litigation can be a daunting and futile ordeal without legal representation, most business owners are probably well aware that the hard part is enforcing a judgment. Once a settlement or trial results in a judgment, the court essentially has no further… Continued

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How to Respond to Red Flags That Suggest Future Collection Issues

Effective collection of delinquent accounts plays an indispensable role in the financial solvency of any business. The best approach to handling accounts receivable involves implement procedures and noting warning signs before vendors, suppliers, and others with whom you have business contracts become past due on their accounts. Although you might… Continued

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Why Commercial Collections Attorneys Can Be a Better Option Than a Collection Agency

If you are the owner of a small business, the realization that you are investing more time and energy in the collection of outstanding debts than operating your company can be a disturbing discovery. Although many business owners decide this misallocation of time justifies retaining outside assistance to improve loss… Continued

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Tactics Employed by Business Debtors When Facing a Debt Collection Lawsuit

When you are focused on the successful operation of a company, there are many aspects of the business that must function smoothly to protect your profitability and survival.  The revenue generated by delivery of your products and services to another business constitutes the lifeblood of many companies.  Although you can… Continued

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The Litigation Process in B2B Collections

In some cases, demand letters or negotiations can result in satisfactory payment or settlement of business-to-business debts. However, under certain circumstances, filing a debt collection lawsuit against the debtor in civil court may be necessary. If such litigation is necessary, you need to be sure you have a qualified B2B… Continued

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Collecting Debts from Small Businesses

Your business may have unpaid debts from many different sources, including consumers and businesses of all sizes and structures.1 The approach to successfully collecting a debt should vary depending on who the debtor may be. Debts owed by small business owners may especially require a particular approach to both receive payment and… Continued

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